Summary of K12 Article

The focus on STEM schooling throughout the country is increasing rapidly. In Savannah, GA there was a STEM middle school opened up within the last few years and is now considered being one of the prize schools in the county. The article “Are We Shifting Too Much Focus To Stem?” caught my attention because I believe that STEM schools have a place, but they let some of the other subjects, such as English, Social Studies, and foreign languages seem to be of less importance.

The article has two sides: one professor argued that there is too much focus on STEM, while a member of the STEM initiative argued that it is very effective. I learned that in the areas of math and science, STEM learning does really improve tests scores. However, Professor Larry Edmonds argued that solely focusing on these subjects does not prepare students for the real world. Whether students are being taught by the STEM model or not greatly affects the K12 world because it can influence the types of jobs the students will be prepared for. After reading the article, I was curious whether STEM students have a score differential in the areas of English and Reading as well.

Moss, Cindy, Edmonds, Larry,. (May  2014). General Format. Retrieved From:




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