20% Project

With technology changing every day, there is more and more debate in schools whether it helps the learning process. Some teachers choose to use technology to grab students’ attention and keep them engaged. Others think that technology does not have a unique influence on learning, and isn’t necessary for the current learning.

To me, learning should be something that stays with the student for a long time. True learning is not just facts and dates, but is information that the student can use in the real world. This can be general skills, specific information, or ideologies that can help them when they are no longer in school.

Teaching should cater to the students. It should allow the students to learn best according to their own learning style. Teachers each have a different way of communicating information, but if the students are not benefitting or learning, they should alter their style in order to help the students truly learn the information.

Technology can be used to help students learn information better, but it can also provide more opportunity for the students to be distracted. It can keep student’s attention, enhance the retention of the information, and the learning experience itself. The students are always around technology, so to not use it in classroom would surely lose their attention. There are many additional advantages of using technology, but there are also downsides. If given computers, the students may get distracted and not pay attention to their instructor. They also may be overstimulated with all the colors and ways to learn. Overall, technology, in my opinion, has more advantages than disadvantages.


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