Description: Our commercial is about Photo Peach, an amped up version of a powerpoint. It shows how Photo Peach can help improve involvement, creativity, and excitement in a classroom. The target audience is predominately older elementary school kids but could also work well for middle school and high school students. By allowing students to add pictures, music, captions to create a video, and then present the video to the classroom, teachers are allowing their students to expand on their creativity and learn how to form better communication and presentation skills..


Learning Activity Guide:

Activity: Water Cycle Presentation

Subject: Elementary or Middle School Science

Estimated Time: Up to the instructor- length depends on the quality/ intricacy of the presentation)

Required Items: Computer for each students as well as internet connection can be used for any subject to engage students and have them interact with material instead of simply memorizing it. In this activity, elementary and middle school students can use the presentation feature of to create their own project concerning the water cycle.

  1. Have students gather into groups of four. Each individual will be responsible for one of the four major steps of the water cycle: evaporation, transpiration, precipitation, and percolation.
  2. Each group will create their own presentation using It must include at least 8 images or 4 videos, and a musical component. By including these requirements, the students must make use of their technological and creative skills. This requirement will also be the one that engages the students and gets them excited about the project.
  3. Each individual will be responsible for 5 slides describing their step in the water cycle process. This ensures that each student has enough understanding of his/her step to give a detailed description.
  4. Each step must have an analogy. (i.e. comparing condensation to the water beads on a cold glass of a liquid) This will help the student better understand his/her step because they must accurately compare and explain their step with an unrelated object.
  5. After the allotted amount of work time, each group will present. The presentation must be engaging, informative, and demonstrate complete understanding of the water cycle. Having a presentation portion keeps each group accountable because few students want to do a poor job in front of their peers. It also ensures that each group member keeps the others accountable so that the presentation runs smoothly.
  6. Seventy-five percent of the grade will come from the instructor, and twenty-five percent of the grade will come from the other students’ evaluations.



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