Metamorphosis Lesson Plan

Title: Metamorphosis Come to Life
Instructor: Abigail Hunt
Subject: Elementary Science
Grade level: 2nd Period: 60-80 minutes (1 to 2 class periods)

Students will be able to: Explain the process of metamorphosis and the importance of each stage,

Integrate creativity and collaboration into their projects, and do a collaborative presentation in front of the class.

Standards Covered: S2L1. Students will investigate the life cycles of different living organisms.

a. Determine the sequence of the life cycle of common animals in your area: a mammal such as a cat or dog or classroom pet, a bird such as a chicken, an amphibian such as a frog, and an insect such as a butterfly.

b. Relate seasonal changes to observations of how a tree changes throughout a schoolyear.

c. Investigate the life cycle of a plant by growing a plant from a seed and by recording

changes over a period of time.

d. Identify fungi (mushroom) as living organisms.

Materials: Stop motion video, construction paper, scissors, glue, pipe cleaners, miscellaneous craft supplies (depends on what is needed by the students)
Topical Outline & Sequence of Activities
Topic Time Activities
Metamorphosis explanation 15 minutes The instructor will show the stop-motion video about metamorphosis to help the students understand the general steps of metamorphosis. After, the instructor will go a little more in depth explaining the steps and answer any questions. This will give the students a well-rounded understanding of the subject, and will prepare them to be able to depict any of the four stages they may be assigned.
Forming groups 5 minutes The instructor will group the students into groups of four. Each student will be responsible for depicting one stage of the metamorphosis process. They will pick which stage will be assigned to each student in their group on their own. This enhances each student’s ability to work and communicate with others.
Brainstorming 10 Minutes The students, once in their groups, will decide which student will depict each step, and how they will make their depictions look similar. The similarities will allow each group to have a distinct look so that each group’s work can be recognized from another’s.
Create 20 minutes The groups will have 30 minutes to actually create their steps. Be sure to remind the students to make their individual projects look like a group project.
Share 5 minutes per group Each group will have a chance to present their steps to the class, each explaining what metamorphosis is and what the stages are. This is where the students will really demonstrate if they understood the concept of metamorphosis. Each student will present his or her stage. They will be graded individually on their understanding of the concept, and as a group on how well they worked together. After the presentations, hang them up on the wall so the students can see their work.

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