What is OER? Summarize it in a few sentences

OER stands for Open Educational Resources, which are teaching, learning, and research tools that reside in the public domain. They can be used to educate students rather than using textbooks, which are expensive and quickly outdated. OER allow for free, up-to-date material that is more fun for students to interact with.

There has been an attempt connect OERs and STEM for teaching and learning. Why do you think people think of them together?

These two educational techniques are associated because both are centered around technology, and making education relevant. Both of these try to enhance curiosity in each student by allowing them to learn in a different way than traditional memorization and worksheets.

How would you use OERs to teach STEM subjects in your classroom?

I would use OERs such as virtual tours, captivating videos, and current events to help students see that the topics they are learning are relevant to the real world and can be fun to learn. Hopefully, this would get students excited about what they are learning.

What would be your topic for the learning adventure project in STEM context?

I am going to create a learning adventure about getting active and getting outdoors and how it is important for the student’s health to not stay inside playing video games or watching TV. This will be integrated into a STEM curriculum because students will learn about their body and why it needs to be active.


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