What I’ve Learned About AAC

Augmentative and Alternative communication can change the lives of the patients who need it. It allows them to communicate with their loved ones when they might not be able to otherwise. In schools, it allows students to connect with other students as well as teachers. AAC gets rid of much frustration in a special education classroom because it helps students communicate their wants and needs without a problem. However, different AAC devices can be used, and some are definitely better than others. Unfortunately, most school systems cannot afford to buy their students the most effective AAC tools because the best ones are often times the most expensive. Thankfully, emerging technology allows students to use iPads as AAC devices, making it much cheaper to afford.

There is a big debate as to whether these students should be allowed to take these devices home, because they are expensive and belong to the schools. However, many of these students receiving the devices from the schools cannot afford these devices in their homes, and therefore would be without communication over the weekends and summers. The policy depends on the school system.

There is a learning curve for teachers once they start using the AAC devices, but in the long run, these devices can transform a special education classroom. It would be in the best interest of both the instructor, the students, the students’ parents, and the school system in general if every  student in the special education classrooms were given an Augmentative and Alternative Communication Device.


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